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Website Changes

Hello All! There are some changes coming to Venture Modern!  Most will be finished with the new website launch, while others are still in progress. Here is a list of the upcoming fixes: Product Descriptions Collection Ordering Product Organization Sale Price Tags are now Percentages Removed Payment Icons Better Shipping Rates Better Product Pictures Major Changes: New Website Layout New Logo Drop and Submenus Alt Texts New Announcement Bar Removed Old Products Estimated Shipping Dates New Blog Structure Added Tags for Product Searching

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How to Become More Confident

Alright, so maybe you're feeling a little down on yourself. Maybe you're not feeling as confident lately; Perhaps you think it involves your intelligence? Or some old clothes, bad haircut, or you've just never felt very confident in anything you've done. I've been there, and I have some personal advice. I can't guarantee that you'll take anything away from it, however, if you can take away anything please share it with anyone who may be struggling with similar problems.I must include I have no intention for this to come across as self-help or self-righteous. I only wish to speak from the heart. Also, the end is more tailored for men because I am a man and only understand men fashion....

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