How To Find The Right Tattoo Artist Near You

Are you interested in getting a tattoo?  If the answer is, “yes” then you have likely tried to find a tattoo studio/artist.  Sure, perhaps you’ve asked around, perhaps there are a few places you found on Google.  However, if you’re anything like me, the quality of the tattoo is one thing you care the most about.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many great tattoo artists out there, but think about it like you’re getting a haircut.  Great Clips and barbershops, both cut hair, however, a barbershop costs more because it triumphs it terms of quality.  That is the same ideology you must maintain when choosing a tattoo studio/artist.  If you want quality, you will have to pay more.  That’s a fact.  (Unless you have a sweet hook-up and in that case please email me immediately)  I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing either.  In my opinion, if you produce some of the best quality work, it only makes sense to be rewarded tremendously.  Without further ado, follow these simple steps and you will be choosing your next tattoo location in no time.

Step 1. Sign up for Instagram

Whether you are using a computer or a smartphone, you will need to make an account for Instagram. If you live under a rock and don’t know what Instagram is, basically it is a blog made from pictures—like a virtual bulletin board.  You can upload, share, and search millions of images from across the globe.  Plus, Instagram is accessible and free for those with an internet connection.  Many studios and artists have taken advantage of this brilliant marketing strategy.  With this method, it becomes simple to determine what styles and quality each studio and artist are capable of producing.

(Mobile) Step 2. Search “Tattoo” under Places tab

Once you have clicked on the Places tab and started typing, a list of places relevant to whatever is written in the search bar will show.  For all of you non-tech savvy people out there here is an image from the Instagram app to help you navigate.


(Desktop) Step 2. Search “Tattoo”

The desktop version of Instagram is SO smart you don’t have to click different tabs! (Meh) Anyways, whatever you type in the search bar will return a mixture of relevant users, hashtags, and locations.  You may have to scroll downward a bit to locate the places near you.  In case you’re lost, here’s a screenshot from the desktop version to assist you.

Step 3. Look around

Now, there should be a generous list of tattoo studios/artists nearby your location.  Not only is this much simpler than attempting to Google or ask around, but it is more efficient too.  Every place you click on will show where it is located on the map and all of the Instagram photos tagging that specific location.  In simple terms, you may now compare the varieties in style and quality between these studios/artists within your area.  Having access to this knowledge should clarify which studio or artist is right for you.

You may find certain locations that you never knew existed, but that is one great benefit of this strategy.  Generally, the locations that don’t appear at the beginning of your Google search tend to be private studios and artists.  Rarely will these under the radar shops publicly advertise because they aren’t like your basic-quality, cheap tattoo shop down the road.  Usually, private studios/artists produce such high-quality art, they may be booked several months in advance; so make sure you contact them quickly!

Be mindful that some photos you discover will be user uploaded.  So, look for the photos uploaded by the tattoo studio or artist themselves.  It will make browsing tattoo locations more efficient and straightforward!  If you dig deep enough you will uncover talented artists and unique styles that you thought were only available on the other side of the country or even world.  I hope you enjoyed this easy way to discover where to get your next tattoo.  Tell us in the comments below, would you follow this method?  If not, what method do you prefer?

P.S. We love hearing hilarious tattoo stories!  Don’t be afraid to comment about your embarrassing spring break trip during college or the morning you woke up wondering who’s name is forever engraved in your ass or perhaps the time some shady dude tried to offer you a tattoo in his bathroom next to the urine filled tub.   Remember, what is a life worth living without a little venture?

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